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Target Reached

Our Church is now 130 years old. We have former generations to thank for this beautiful building with its spire visible from every approach to our town. Over the years much has been done to keep the building wind and watertight and to add to its accommodation – a new hall, lounge and kitchen, memorial chapel, new organ, heating system, new cloak rooms, disabled access and much more. Some of this work was made possible by the generous direct giving of our members but much of this work has been paid from money bequeathed to us by former generations

One hundred and thirty years of wind, rain and frost had taken it's toll on our beautiful red sandstone building.

For the last four we have been fundraising, applying for grants, asking our congregation to give towards our Renovation Project, and at last we have reached our target!

Needless to say that, in addition to the original costs, there are always extras arising. For example, organ refurbishment, outside ground works, painting and decorating. All of these the result of the Renovation Work causing dust in the Church , and ground distubance outside due to workmen, lorries etc. All unavoidable but all need to be fixed and paid for.
Therefore our Renovation is an on-going Project.

However, so far we have been able to complete all the work on the windows and the stonework repairs and more importantly we are able to pay our bills!I am sure you all know and appreciate how much hard work and effort was put in by the “Renovation Team”, but I am sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks to everyone in the congregation who gave so generously towards our target, and put up with the inconvenience of all the building works as it was being done!

Thank You and God Bless!

Jim Nicol, Treasurer (2014)

Income Raised since January 2014
Sales Table 1110
Anon 218
Centre Group 100
Bowling Club 150
Badminton 100
Nicol Family Concert 765
Gibson Slide Show 472
Quiz 414
Shop  1315
Bag Packing 500
Spring Fayre 1115
Sale of Stamps 25
Sale of Coins 470
Income raised since June  2010
Direct Giving 41189
Fund Raising 48886
Business Donations 2320
Grants 95000
Legacies Etc. 33592
Funds Transferred 25000
Original Cost 231208