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Renovation April 2013 / January 2014 - Overview

Renovation Contractors

Architects:    Munro Architects, Kilmarnock
Chartered Surveyors Thomas C Stewart
Stone Masons Fleming Masonry Contractors Ltd
Windows:     Rainbow Glass, Prestwick


Red sandstone from Locharbriggs, Dumfries was cut and dressed to create new mullions and rybats for the south and north sides of the church. Old cracked cement mortar and vegetation was raked out of joints, sprayed with weedkiller and repointed with lime mortar. New gutters were fitted and painted. The slater replaced individual broken or loose slates on the roof. New front door steps were laid.


Rainbow Glass took the leaded glass windows from the north and south sides of the church to their workshop in Prestwick. The small squares of glass were all removed and thoroughly cleaned. Broken segments were replaced with new glass of same colour and pattern as original. Glass was then reinstalled, soldered and sealed into new lead bars. Laminated clear glass protection system was fitted to exterior. Now reinstated these windows allow light to flood into the church as it would have done when the church was built in 1884.

The stained glass windows in the south transept and Memorial Chapel were in sound condition and were repaired and cleaned on-site. The three stained glass windows in the east side behind the pulpit were removed to Prestwick for repair then reinstated.


There were three elements to our Renovation project - time, money and quality. Although the work took much longer than at first expected, we are delighted it was kept within budget. The quality of work and the attention to detail shown by the architect, Graeme Brown is to be commended as is the quality of the work of Fleming Stonemasons and Rainbow Glass.

Renovation Committee

The decision to undertake this renovation work was taken at a Congregational Board meeting in June 2010. The following committee members were involved over the next four years with the tendering process, sourcing grants, congregational fundraising and overseeing work. They are very appreciative of the generosity of our Church members and friends in the Community who supported them through to the end of the project.

Mrs Norma Logan and Mr Ron Gibson Session Clerks
Mr Bill Paterson and Mr Jim Nicol Treasurers
Mr Findlay Mills Finance Committee
Mr Jimmy Lindsay and Mr Stuart Kilpatrick Fabric Committee
Mrs Betty Moffat and Mrs Anna McClelland Fundraising Committee
Mrs Margaret Benson Clerk to Congregational Board and Clerk to Renovation Committee