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Hello and welcome to Girvan North Parish Church Website, we are glad you are here and trust you will find it of interest and even inviting.
We are a congregation of the Church of Scotland with a desire to grow in our likeness of Jesus Christ and share Him with others. We really want to offer all who come to the Girvan North a place to belong, a place where you will discover the love & grace of God in His Son Jesus Christ and where you can become equipped to serve and follow Him. We believe in being taught by the Bible, empowered, enabled and guided by the Holy Spirit and encouraged & uplifted by prayer.

Our main connection point is Sunday morning at 11am in the sanctuary, where we gather to worship God in music, prayer, Bible-teaching, and so much more. We are committed to being a place that teaches the word of God in an understandable and relevant fashion as we unashamedly hold up the Bible to be the standard of wisdom and truth, which is God’s gift for us to know Him and be transformed. Sunday’s are also a key time to connect with and encourage one another, during the service, and after in one of the halls during a time of refreshments. It’s an exciting place to be!
Of course, we have other opportunities for you to plug into, so feel free to poke around our website and find out more.

God has invited us to walk with Him through the journey of life, to be a part of the body of Christ, a people who love one another and others as Jesus would. As followers of Christ we seek to be authentic and make a difference where God has planted us. We invite you to join us on the journey!