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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all church services at Girvan North Parish Church are cancelled until further notice. In addition, until further notice all Church activities have been cancelled, all Church halls are closed, and the Church Office is closed.


Sunday Sermon

Each Sunday we will have a YouTube video of a sermon presented by Glenn Ronald. Click on the date of the sermon you wish to view.

Each sermon will be available to view from the date specified.


Church of Scotland Coronavirus Documentation

Presbytery of Ayr 18th March 2020

a) Briefing 17th March 2020 Coronavirus

b) COVID-19 Information and Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings

c) From the Principal Clerk

d) Advice for Safeguarding Co-ordinators, Trainers and Presbytery Safeguarding Contacts

e) Self Isolating Help Card

Message from Margaret Benson