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Presbytery Plan Progress

In May 2021 the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland passed the Presbytery Mission Plan Act 2021. This had the effect of erasing all Presbytery Missions Plans throughout Scotland and requiring each Presbytery to produce a new plan to be approved by Edinburgh by 31st December 2022.

In setting up the plan the Faith Nurture Forum set the number of stipendiary minister posts for Ayr Presbytery as 20.

The Mission Committee of Ayr Presbytery appointed a small team to construct an Ayr Presbytery Mission Plan (Working Draft 1.1). This was presented to and approved by the Presbytery on 10th August 2021.

 The Plan used the four old Mission Focus Group areas. A number of salaried posts were allocated to each area together with a Plan A and Plan B which suggested how the posts could be used. A group could offer a further Plan for consideration which met the missional objectives, but if a group failed to agree on a plan by 1 Nov 2021 then Mission Committee would apply a plan based on Plan A.

South Mission Focus Group held a preliminary meeting on 1st September at which it was clear that the Group broke naturally into a North Carrick Group based on Maybole and a South Carrick Group based on Girvan.

For South Carrick, Plan A proposed that Ballantrae/Barr/Dailly/GirvanNorth/ Girvan South/St Colmon unite to form a team ministry, with options for rural parishes (eg Dailly, Barr, St Colmon) becoming Local Mission Churches (LMC). Plan B proposed that Girvan North/Girvan South/Dailly/Barr unite, with Dailly and Barr becoming LMCs. In addition Ballantrae and St Colmon were to unite (currently they are linked).

After the meeting on 1st September, representatives took the proposals to their respective Sessions for discussion. On 28th September the representatives came together again to discover if there was a common way forward. Girvan South/Girvan North/Dailly/Barr found it difficult to prefer Plan A as against B. These churches took the view that they would accept the decision made by Ballantrae and St Colmon. Unfortunately Ballantrae and St Colmon did not agree – Ballantrae was strongly in favour of Plan B and St Colmon favoured Plan A. Without unanimity the decision will be referred to the Mission Committee by the South Carrick Convenor.

On 18th November Mission Committee recommended Plan B, which will taken to
Presbytery on 7th December 2021.

    Rev E J Ogston, Interim Moderator, Girvan South, Dailly & Barr
   Dr J C Anderson, Interim Moderator, Girvan North