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Crossreach Christmas Catalogue

The Crossreach Christmas Catalogue has arrived. If anyone would like to see a copy & order cards, calendars, etc, please contact Jennifer Ramsay on 712200 or 07443427155 as soon as possible


Message from Margaret Benson, Treasurer

At this time, my priorities are keeping our members safe and restricting the spread of this awful virus. Please pass on the information below to any member with whom you are in contact.
I am very happy for members to continue to fill their FWO envelopes each week and then to bring them to church when our services resume.

However, as social distancing looks like continuing for some time, members may prefer to send me a cheque payable to Girvan: North Parish Church of Scotland.
Alternatively, members may change to donating by bank monthly standing order. If you or someone you know would like to switch at this time from FWO envelopes to a bank monthly standing order I can post you out a form. Phone me on 713059. You simply fill in your bank details and hand it in or post it to your bank. This can also be done online.

I am confident that our faithful members will continue to support us generously so that I can continue to pay the church bills.

I pray that we all come safely through this crisis. Take care of yourself and those around you.

God bless you all and keep you safe.

   Margaret Benson 

Church of Scotland Coronavirus Documentation

Presbytery of Ayr 18th March 2020

a) Briefing 17th March 2020 Coronavirus

b) COVID-19 Information and Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings

c) From the Principal Clerk

d) Advice for Safeguarding Co-ordinators, Trainers and Presbytery Safeguarding Contacts

e) Self Isolating Help Card