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South Mission Focus Group:

For planning purposes the Presbytery of Ayr is divided into four Mission Focus Groups
(MFGs) (North, Central, East and South). We are in the South MFG and it, in turn, is
divided into North Carrick based on Maybole and South Carrick based on Girvan.
We in South Carrick have been allotted two full time ministers. There already is a
minister in post at Ballantrae linked with St Colmon, so Girvan has one post.
This means that Girvan South and Girvan North must unite and look after Dailly and
Barr, leaving Ballantrae and St Colmon as they are. The Presbytery has decided to
suspend any new ‘permission to call’ until May 2021. But this does not mean that
nothing happens until then.

With the aid of Brian Duncan, Convener of the South MFG, we, together with the five
other churches in South Carrick, are working through ‘Information for Mission Focus
Groups’, which will result in a plan for South Carrick that will be ready for the Mission
Committee in May 21.

It would be great if we could return to the days in which we had two ministers in Girvan
but there is currently a great shortage of ministers, and even if we had many it is
doubtful if the church nationally could afford to pay them.

However the changes we need to make should be faced positively and
enthusiastically. We all know that church-going has declined in recent decades; this is
an opportunity to consolidate our resources and demonstrate more strongly whose we
are and whom we serve.

Jim Anderson.